Full Spectrum CBD Hemp Oil: Fact and Fiction

Is full spectrum CBD hemp oil psychoactive? Will I fail a drug test if I use your product? Isn’t full spectrum CBD hemp oil illegal?

All of these questions are ones that we encounter a lot over here at Panther Wellness, due to some confusing reporting you’ll find in the media, and some general misconceptions the public has about full spectrum CBD hemp oil. The good news is, the answer to all of these questions is a resounding “No.”

Full Spectrum Hemp Oil: Separating Fact From Fiction

Full spectrum CBD hemp oil has no psychoactive properties, nor does it alter your brain function. In other words, it doesn’t make you “high” or give you a “buzz.” Full spectrum CBD hemp oil, like its name, comes from all-natural hemp products, in this case, sourced from the mountainous lands of Colorado.

While closely related to THC, the cannabinoid found in cannabis which does cause a psychoactive high, full spectrum CBD hemp oil is, in fact, an entirely separate compound.

Now, on a separate note, more and more companies are no longer refusing to hire people who test positive for marijuana. But that’s neither here nor there when discussing full spectrum CBD hemp oil.

When it comes to a product like full spectrum hemp oil, however, it would be nearly impossible to fail a drug test. There’s a pretty straightforward explanation as to why.

The Average Drug Test

For whatever reason, some of us, from time-to-time are required to take a drug test, whether it be for legal reasons, or because an employer performs mandatory testing. Either way,  anyone who does so follows what’s called the SAMHSA (Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration) guidelines.

Under those guidelines, drug testing labs look for 11-Nor-delta9-carboxy-THC (THC-COOH) in your system. That’s a really fancy way of saying THC, which, as noted above, is the primary cannabinoid found in cannabis that makes you high. It’s also not found in full spectrum CBD hemp oil.

In fact, no regular drug test looks for the compounds, cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, and more found in full spectrum CBD hemp oil. It’s like testing for chocolate in a tub of vanilla ice cream —it’s just not there.

Now, is that to say false positives don’t happen? Of course not, but they occur with anything. A follow-up test will quickly clear up any issues.

The Legality of Full Spectrum CBD Hemp Oil

Unfortunately, the popularity of full spectrum CBD hemp oil industry has caused among both consumers regarding its legality. Though many mistakenly think so, full spectrum hemp oil is not a controlled substance. The 2014 Farm Bill confirmed this for good.

In fact, the debate goes back even earlier than that, with a 2004 challenge by the Hemp Industries Association in the Ninth Circuit Court. There, the court ruled that the DEA could not place hemp under the Controlled Substances Act.

Finally, just this year, again in the Ninth Circuit, it was ruled that any hemp grown as per the Farm Act of 2014, is legal hemp.

Finding Top-Quality Full Spectrum CBD Hemp Oil

Panther Wellness produces 100 percent all-natural full spectrum CBD hemp oil using advanced CO2 extraction processes. Our non-GMO products, which are sourced from virgin, mountainous land of Colorado are 3rd party tested and are created with the highest quality hemp oil available.

Check out what we have to offer today with the confidence of knowing that it’s safe, legal, and quality-made!