Why Even The Best Full Spectrum Hemp Oil Products Affect People So Differently

If you’ve chatted with friends who are all using the same full spectrum CBD hemp oil products, you might be curious as to why the products affect everyone so differently. Indeed, many of you have asked us why. There are a number of reasons, so let’s explore, shall we?

Gender and Genetics May Affect Full Spectrum CBD Hemp Oil

Gender can definitely affect your tolerance of full spectrum CBD hemp oil. Women have a bit less tolerance than men, so smaller amounts generally achieve similar results in women and larger amounts may have a bolder reaction. Men are generally larger and weigh more, so more is needed. Interestingly, studies conducted so far show that women find more pain relief from these products than men do because full spectrum CBD hemp oil and estrogen work together to ease pain.

Genetics also matter because everyone has a different number of the receptors that full spectrum hemp oil binds to in the body. Full spectrum CBD hemp oil has an effect on the human endocannabinoid system, which is filled with receptors. As you age, your receptor numbers change over time so it may affect you differently as the years progress.

Full Spectrum CBDHemp Oil and Stress

The more stress you have the more likely you are to benefit from full CBD spectrum hemp oil. Your body’s endocannabinoid system has CB1 and CB2 receptors. Full spectrum hemp oil acts on the CB2 receptors which create calm and soothe anxiety. Our products are known to mimic the body’s natural endocannabinoids, which are called anandamide, which work on the CB2 receptors to increase serotonin —thus easing stress.

Some people genetically make fewer endocannabinoids than others. People with more receptors and fewer endocannabinoids will likely be more sensitive to full CBD spectrum hemp oil.

Why Even The Best Full CBD Spectrum Hemp Oil Products Affect People So Differently

Your Diet and Full CBD Spectrum Hemp Oil

Since full spectrum hemp oil is a fatty acid, the more your body needs fatty acids, the quicker the full spectrum hemp oil will absorb. Moreover, what you eat can affect how your body reacts to full spectrum hemp oil. If you eat greasier foods or generally have a poor diet, you may find that full spectrum hemp oil doesn’t work as well as it does for someone with a diet rich in fruits and vegetables. It’s just another good reason to start eating healthy!

Your Tolerance Level and Full Spectrum CBD Hemp Oil
Using too much full CBD spectrum hemp oil, meaning more than you need, can cause you to build up a tolerance just like with many other products. Over time, this can lessen the effects. That’s why it’s important to use the product only as intended and never to use too much.

Product Quality Makes A Difference With Full CBD Spectrum Hemp Oil

Product quality makes a real difference in your full spectrum hemp oil experience. Panther Wellness offers only the best all-natural full spectrum hemp oil. Our products are only derived from top-quality hemp, sourced from some of the best places on earth.

Our full spectrum hemp oil, which comes in flavors like citrus and peppermint is a well-known, high-quality product. There are lots of imposter products out there, and consumers need to be careful. Panther Wellness products are always guaranteed to be top-quality, with independent third-party lab testing that proves it (and our lab reports are right on the website available for download).

See How Panther Wellness Full CBD Spectrum Hemp Oil Works For You
Of course, this information should be considered as a general guideline. It’s always best to start with a low dose of full CBD spectrum hemp oil and work your way up to see how it affects you. Try our Panther Wellness products. We offer a wide range so you’ll find the full spectrum hemp oil that is perfect for you.