Our Ultra Pure Full Spectrum Hemp Oil is 100% natural, Colorado-Grown and Third Party Lab tested. It contains naturally occurring phytocannabinoids, terpenes, and essential oils. Our Peppermint Flavor is sweet and refreshing that soothes your core.


Panther Wellness Full Spectrum Oils range in concentration providing sustainable wellness from the roots of nature’s own. Our Full Spectrum Hemp Oil has the highest purity and concentration of all natural Full Spectrum Hemp to bring out your inner Panther. It is non-GMO, pesticide-free, and kosher. Full Spectrum Hemp Oil is known to reduce daily stress and contain other natural benefits that may help with various skin, joint, and muscle conditions.

Our Full Spectrum Hemp Oil comes in both flavored and unflavored options. Our flavored hemp oils are created for ultimate Panther enjoyment and satisfaction. Our Hemp Oil is crafted with all natural and organic ingredients for total nature perseverance providing wellness properties that outnumber chemically processed medications.

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Suggested Use

For Optimal Results: Use this supplement up to three times a day, consistently for optimal results. Feel free to mix with meals or drinks. 30mL bottle contains 30 servings. Orally ingest 1 ml (full drop included in the bottle).


MCT Oil, Essential Oils.

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this stuff is great, the taste isn't the best but if it works and it does, i have arthritis pain so bad and since i have been on this particular brand I'm feeling so much better.
Since taking the oil the arthritis pain has subsided and helped with my anxiety. Great product
l bought this amazing product cause of one my friend say about magic effect of that for her, I have anxiety and after use this product I feeling so better also it has so helpful for my night sleeping.
Really good and fresh flavor for this special "medicine". I use Panther Wellness oils to help regulate my mood and severe migraine. It also helps me relax and sleep better. I highly recommend this product!